If you look on the Mountain Pointe High School website, under "Mission, Vision and Values," there are three goals listed for the staff and student body to achieve by the end of the 2012 school year.

The goals are ambitious - to have 100 percent of seniors to meet or exceed the Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards while meeting the Adequate Yearly Progress, to have 100 percent of students participate in athletic programs or other activities, and to expose 100 percent of students to the newest available technology.

The ambition is something that the school has been encouraging for the past 20 years. On Saturday, a student organization, Pride's Peak, with the help of staff and community input, put on a carnival in celebration of that milestone anniversary.

While the student body has changed some, with 40 percent now coming from outside of the school's boundaries, the mindset of success has not, one administrator said.

"We have a vision of purpose, pride and performance," said Ian Moses, assistant principal of athletics who has been in that role for 11 years. "Our student achievement is a testament to what we do here. It's why the Pride mascot was chosen."

Pride's Peak is a gifted student organization at Mountain Pointe that totals about 250 active members. That club celebrated 10 years at the school on Saturday for which they organized the activities and brought in local businesses.

"We talk a lot about community service and preparing students for the future," said Amanda Nguyen, scholarship liaison for Pride's Peak and head organizer of the event. "We wanted to do this as a way to bring people in Pride's Peak together."

Mountain Pointe administrators are working hard to achieve those three goals, principal Bruce Kipper said after the school was honored for their after-school programs in November. They come together for a single purpose - to prepare students for the next life step.

"The focus is on that no kid is going to be left behind," Kipper said. "I think having that attitude and having teachers with that kind of philosophy, it's a win-win for everyone."

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