For the 2011-12 school year, Mountain Pointe High School will be offering students a opportunity to prepare for postsecondary education and beyond.

Students will be able to choose from two new College and Career Preparatory Academies which will provide them with guidance and experience in several different fields.

One is the Academy of Achievement that is comprised of four career and academic pathways: Business and Computers, Audio Visual Technology, Family and Consumer Services and Culinary Arts.

"If you have an interest in business or computers or design or performing arts, the idea is that instead of taking random electives you focus on one or two different areas you're passionate about," Shauna Demers, program director and teacher, said. "We're adapting the curriculum for students who want to take more challenging classes."

Students who enroll in any of the programs will have contact with a counselor who will help them determine where they want to be at the end of their high school career.

"It's a four-year plan, and they will be taking their talents and focusing them into plan of study," Demers said. "It brings the teachers, students and counselors into relationship-building approach to make learning more relevant and engaging for the student."

The other academy is the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts which features six discipline strands: visual arts, graphics and multimedia, instrumental music, vocal music, dance, and theater arts.

"(The goal is) to facilitate a dedication to life-long learning in the arts," Principal Bruce Kipper wrote in an email. "As they continue through the program burgeoning skills will become self-evident. Through this journey of self-discovery, students will apply real-life, problem-solving skills to the cross-curricular courses they encounter."

Registration forms for incoming freshmen will allow new students the opportunity to mark which academy they are interested in.

"Every student will have individualized plan," Demers said. "We are making sure we are really focusing in on the needs of the student and preparing them so they are ready for college."

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