Ahwatukee Foothills residents will have an opportunity to obtain health checkups when Life Line Screenings brings its mobile service to the area later this week.

The company will be set up at Sun Lakes Chapel Center, 9240 E. Sun Lakes Blvd. in Chandler on Friday, Jan. 14; Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Tempe on Monday, Jan. 17; and other locations around the area in the coming months.

Life Line Screenings can test for 11 different health issues, including carotid artery disease, diabetes and risk of osteoporosis. There are several packages offered, ranging from $119 for the three-test "Vascular Package," to $219 for a comprehensive, eight-test package. Single tests can also be purchased.

"The key is the screenings are painless and easy and are typically not something you get through a regular physical," spokeswoman Joelle Reizes said. "Some of the things we test for, you wouldn't know if you have them. There are no symptoms. And we send screenings to one of our physicians and you will get a written report about any and all tests you do."

One of those conditions, atrial fiburation, is a risk factor for a stroke.

"When the top and bottom parts of your heart do not beat in sync, blood can pool in the heart and form clots," she said. "Eventually those clots are pumped out of your heart and can travel to the brain, blocking it off. It is essentially a brain attack. To test for this we use an EKG to listen for an irregular heart rhythm."

What tests a person should have, Reizes said, depends on their risk factors.

"Age is No. 1," she said. "Cholesterol, blood pressure, poor lifestyle, if you are overweight; these are significant in determining a person's overall health."

The results of the tests should be shared with a doctor, Reizes said, to help in laying out steps to find solutions to whatever health problems are uncovered.

"It's all about working with your doctor," she said. "But by doing this, you are taking a great first step."

To find out more about Life Line Screenings, to schedule an appointment or determine your risk factors, visit www.LifeLineScreening.com.

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