Nearing his 30-year mark of practice in the East Valley, with 20 of those years in Ahwatukee, Dr. Pete Pinto remembers the moment he knew he wanted to help others with natural and holistic health care.

While a biology major at the University of Arizona, Pinto said he was tired of finding no luck in traditional medicine to help with a back injury he suffered while running. He soon found relief in just a few sessions with a chiropractor, and from there went on to study at the Texas Chiropractic College.

“That experience was the pivotal moment, and 35 years later here we are,” Pinto said.

After settling in Arizona with his wife and business partner, Pinto’s practice started out in Tempe before moving to Ahwatukee.

Natural Healthcare Specialities, 13203 S. 48th St., near Knox Road, aims to focus on “working with those who have a growing list of chronic health concerns that have not responded to other methods,” according to Pinto. The practice uses a blend of chiropractic bodywork, offers nutritional therapy and energy medicine.

In his 30 years, Pinto said he has seen his sect of chiropractic work go through a range of criticism in society. After being called everything from voodoo to alternative to complementary care, and now considered integrative medicine, Pinto said the general public and mainstream medicine has now accepted the values and results from natural, holistic health care.

Even in referring his patients to other local, traditional doctors, Pinto said his practice doesn’t compete with primary health care providers.

“Medical specialists are wonderful at diagnosing a disease, but most aren’t functional diseases,” Pinto said.

That’s where his practice comes in.

“We treat people with functional issues before they come pathological.”

Noting that he sees people get frustrated after not seeing results, much like he did, he hopes he can continue his kind of chiropractic specialty for another 30 years.

“Sharing this with the community is still a passion, we just love what we’re doing,” Pinto said.

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