Teacher appreciation week

Sarah Schulte of Mountainside Wellness Center gives Kyrene del Milenio resource teacher Elvira Diaz a massage on Thursday. They were gifted to teachers at Milenio, Kyrene de la Sierra and Kyrene de la Estrella.

Travis Roemhild/AFN

There’s nothing like a massage to tell someone you appreciate their hard work. Especially when it’s accompanied with flowers and free meals.

Teachers across the Kyrene School District were honored and thanked this past week, Teacher Appreciation Week, with gifts from students and the surrounding community. Teachers from Kyrene del Milenio Elementary, Kyrene de la Sierra Elementary and Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary had two masseuses from Mountainside Wellness Center visit their school for the day and offer 10-minute massages for staff members. Between 40 and 60 teachers received a free massage each day.

“It’s a nice gesture,” said Elvira Diaz, resource teacher at Kyrene del Milenio.

Other notable events included students bringing flowers to teachers at Kyrene de la Colina Elementary on Friday. Also at Kyrene de la Estrella, the parent-teacher organization decorated the teacher’s lounge in the theme of a different country and provided lunch each day based off that country. At Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary the parent-teacher organization washed cars for teachers on Thursday and provided them breakfast on Friday morning.

At the governing board meeting on Tuesday, which was National Teacher Appreciation Day, members adopted a proclamation to make it relevant in the Kyrene district: “I, Michelle Hirsch, serving as president of the Kyrene governing board do hereby proclaim May 8, 2012 as national Teacher Day. I urge that we take time to recognize and acknowledge the teachers of our lives and all the board members will join me in signing this proclamation,” Hirsch said to the governing board and community.

The proclamation was passed with a 5-0 vote by members.

“I have stated in the past and constantly remind people that the classroom teacher is the most important person on campus,” said Bruce Kipper, principal of Mountain Pointe High School. “Everything we do at school starts in the classroom and works out from there. The rest of us are important resources, but we support the efforts of the classroom teacher. It all starts there.”

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