Staff members of Kyrene Kids Club met Wednesday morning at Kyrene de las Lomas Elementary School for their annual all-staff training conference to better equip them for the coming school year.

Each staff member began the day inside the multipurpose room where they received a special speech by Dr. David Schauer, superintendent of the Kyrene School District.

Schauer acknowledged the significance of Kids Club Staff members and their roles of relating to students of Kyrene.

“Parents who pay tuition to have their kids in these programs can be assured that they’re going to get more than just an education,” he said.

More than 160 staff members attended training classes that focused on activity facilitation, talking with students, professionalism and managing transitions.

Nearly 39 of the attendees were Kyrene alumni who chose to work in the district where they grew up.

John Maxwell, who attended Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary School, began working for Kids Club in March and was excited to expand his knowledge and grow within the organization.

Maxwell said he decided to join Kids Club because it was a way for him to give back to Esperanza and gain experience.

“It’s a good learning opportunity,” he said.

During the professionalism class, Pete Flocken, program manager of community education and outreach services, hosted a “Family Feud” activity with each staff members answering questions on how to deal with everyday job responsibilities.

“Whenever we do our training with our staff, we always want it to be a combination of fun and a combination of serious talk, so we want our staff to always be fun and keep the kids engaged,” he said. “We try to show them that we can do a lot of learning and we can make it really fun and that helps the kids retain the information.”

Flocken, who has worked within Kyrene’s community education and outreach services for the past five years, said the training was essential to their out-of-school staff.

“It was a great kickoff to get people educated and enthused,” he said.

In the activity facilitation class, Kids Club staff members participated in activities such as crafting a logo that represented themselves.

Kids Club will host different training sessions throughout the remainder of the 2014-15 school year.

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