Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary School invited its school community out to the inaugural science fair Thursday evening, where more than 70 students participated in the event.

Family members walked throughout the school’s multipurpose room looking at the different science projects, which ranged from fingerprint testing, making object magnetic to a sculpted volcano.

Students worked on their science projects before and after school, and administration also hosted workshops during recess time.

“When we had parent support, parent interest and teacher interest we were able to get it off the ground,” said third-grade teacher Terri Terry. “It took a tremendous amount of work, but it was really exciting.”

Student who participated in the science fair were asked questions about their project by administrators and received a certification for their project.

Third-grader Jenaia Hunter’s science project focused on sublimation, which was the process of turning a solid into a gas.

She spoke with audience members about sublimation and showed how dry ice turned into gas.

Her father, Jeff Hunter, said they wanted to find a project that would be appealing, and stumbled upon sublimation on the Internet.

“She was very energetic to work on it and it was a long two months working on this project,” Jeff said. “Everyday she worked on the project. She was excited about it.”

Fifth-grader Josiyah Montanez also participated during the inaugural science fair with his project focusing toward the process of a volcano eruption.

Montanez’s father, Prashant Vadnere, said that the science fair was a good way for his son to learn the process of completing a project.

Liza Golden, who assisted with preparations for the science fair, formulated an agreement with Ironwood Library in Ahwatukee to have the students’ projects put on display inside the Library.

She said that it was an opportunity for the community of Ahwatukee to see what the students of Esperanza have been working on.

“I want this to inspire other schools to do this,” she said. “We are celebrating education.”

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