Frank and Louise Brozenec
Frank and Louise Brozenec will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, April 19. Travis Roemhild/AFN

Louise and Frank Brozenec can be seen at Einstein Bagels at 48th Street and Ray Road just about everyday. They have met many friends there since they moved to Ahwatukee Foothills over seven years ago and next week will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary.

The couple moved to Arizona from Chicago about 20 years ago. They both grew up in the Windy City, but Frank's experience was a little more difficult as he was growing up. He was orphaned at 8 years old and lived on the streets.

"It was a really rough time," Frank, 89, said.

Louise, 91, had issues at her home that came in the form of an overprotective mother who worked for the Pentagon.

"She was very caring but she had to control everything," she said.

When Louise and Frank started to date, her mother was against it.

"I finally rebelled," Louise said. "I thought then, ‘It's my life, I have to do what I want.'"

The two met in 1939 at the National Youth Organization in Chicago and were married two years later. Shortly after that, when their son, Frank Jr., was 2 years old, his father was drafted into the Navy during World War II where he spent the next three years.

"I remember I was listening to a Chicago Bears game when someone came on and announced the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor," Frank said. "That memory is still very clear to me."

He spent his time in the Navy in New Orleans and Dallas where he worked as a mechanic for hydraulic systems.

In 1946, they bought their first house for $10,000. The two had different jobs over the years that included Louise working for a telephone switchboard company. Frank drove a forklift for Campbell's Soup.

"That was my favorite job because I love to talk to people," Louise said.

The couple moved out to Arizona because they said the nasty Chicago weather was becoming too much. They have a granddaughter that lives nearby but most of their close family is out of state.

"We really do love it here," Louise said. "The people are really just so nice."

On Tuesday, April 19, their friends will gather at Einstein's to celebrate 70 years with them.

When she was asked about it, Louise responded, "70 years, can you believe it?"


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