Members of FIT4MOM Ahwatukee attended a swimming course at Gold Medal Swimming School last Friday, which assisted their children with learning the basics of swimming.

During the 30-minute session, more than 10 members of FIT4MOM Ahwatukee swam in the pool with their toddlers teaching them how to float on their backs, jump in the pool properly, and how to swim back to the ledge.

Becky Ross, manger at Gold Medal Swim School, said it was important for moms to spend 30 minutes with their child in the pool.

“As a swim instructor, I think it’s great because they’re exercising, they’re learning to survive and having the time of their lives in the class,” Ross said.

Owner of FIT4MOM Ahwatukee, Jamie McNeal, said the course was designed to teach each toddler the basics of swimming, and promoted exercise and wellness to each member of FIT4MOM Ahwatukee.

McNeal and members typically host different “play-dates” each week in an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle.

They also meet five days out of the week for an hour fitness program, where each member participates in various cardio and strength-training exercises, with their children in strollers.

McNeal said the swimming course was important to each member in FIT4MOM Ahwatukee because it promoted safety when entering a pool.

“Kids in Arizona need to know how to swim. We have these young kids who need to know how to get in and out of the pool and learn how to float. For my moms and my group it’s about being part of the community… I really try to bring kids, get active in the community and lead an active lifestyle,” she said. “Us as moms, we work out, and our kids are in their strollers seeing us workout. This is a great activity for us because it’s active. We’re all about being active so our kids see us being active and that is instilled in them.”

FIT4 MOM Ahwatukee is searching for members, and will be hosting various activities throughout the month of April.

For more information on FIT4MOM Ahwatukee, visit or contact McNeal at (480) 299-3564.

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