The Kyrene School District hosted its Kyrene Parent Summit at Kyrene Akimel A-al Middle School last Thursday, equipping parents with different informational tips on schooling.

Parents attended different informational meetings ranging from how to further their child’s reading comprehension to making sure their fifth-grader would not be overwhelmed with transitioning to middle school.

Sixth-grade student advisor Christine Kaluzny had a discussion on “Navigating the Fifth to Sixth Transition,” which offered an overview of middle school expectations.

A panel of teachers and administrators provided a brief overview of middle school expectations and opened the second half of the discussion for questions.

“In elementary school they are used to one teacher and going to their exploratory or their electives and coming back to that same classroom. We talked about the different classes a child will go through a day, how they’re set up to be instructors of teams… Even though it is different teachers for each core-content, they stay within that house or that team,” Kaluzny said.

Student and parent expectations were also discussed during the “Navigating the Fifth to Sixth Transition,” such as the middle school curriculum, and both parties were given additional information regarding homework and different areas that would impact a student’s learning.

Homework was a priority topic for parents because some have children who participate in sports and they wanted to know if their child would be bombarded with school work, Kaluzny said.

“It takes that individual piece that parents need assistance with and they understand how it operates for their child,” she said.

In April, Kyrene will invite fifth-grade students and their parents to attend a school orientation to tour Akimel in order to get a feel for the campus. Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator Shawndra Reid presented a discussion on “Helping My Struggling Reader (K-5).”

The discussion focused on why students were struggling in reading, and how parents could better assist with their child’s reading comprehension at home.

“We talked a lot about what not to do, which is what you don’t want to do is create a stressful environment with a lot of pressure,” Reid said. “The most important thing families should be spending their time at home on is reading.”

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