School is right around the corner, which means students may need after-school help with their course material.

The Adaptive Curriculum has the answers to high school and middle school students interested in raising their test scores in the areas of math and science, with the help of Uzinggo.

Uzinggo is an at-home product for parents looking for a tutoring service for their child that covers math and science, according to Ryan Hill, Uzinggo’s product manager.

“The website is designed for those parents who may not have the funds to pay for a face-to-face tutor, that can be upwards of $50 an hour, or do not have the time to take their child to and from,” Hill said.

He explained that students can log in to the website and search a variety of topics in math and science to help with a student’s problem. 

“The main goal of Adaptive Curriculum is to deliver math and science activities for middle school and high school students, focusing on deep conceptual learn,” Hill said. 

Other related concepts are offered to the student while they’re focusing on one topic, which will give them a better understanding for the upcoming tests they are studying for.

Uzinggo also offers prep-courses for students feeling anxious about entering a new subject, like geometry.

The team operating Uzinggo is offering a summer special for Ahwatukee Foothills News readers by giving a 20 percent discount for signing up for the program.

“If any of your readers sign up for Uzinggo, they can use the code “Ahwatukee” and it will provide them with a 20 percent discount,” Hill said. “Typically in the summer where students are out of school they may regress a little. So the prep-courses/review courses are a great way for parents to encourage their child to go in and brush up a little bit on their math and science skills, before the start of school.” 

All of the based-learning activities offered by the adaptive curriculum are online, which begins with a real-world scenario to engage the participator.

Plans and pricing are all listed on the Uzinggo website,

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