Special events in the city of Phoenix are getting a little easier.

The city has recently streamlined the permitting process to make it possible for residents to fill out, submit and pay for their special event application online in about 10 minutes — a great improvement over the old multi-page document.

The new process will make it easier to host runs, walks, festivals or special events on city streets or parks.

Organizers can also pay for their application online, rather than doing it in person.

“We’ve been trying to streamline the application for a long time,” said David Urbinato, spokesperson for Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department. “The application was old. It was due for streamlining. We really needed to allow people to fill it out online. From a customer service standpoint these are things we just really needed to do.”

Though the application process has been streamlined, Urbinato said all the details are still covered to make sure events are safe and successful.

“We were collecting a lot of information when people were applying that we really didn’t need at that stage,” he said. “We really needed just basic information and the basics of what they wanted to do. There’s a whole planning process. We work with many other city departments and through that process we can get all the other information and clarify the information that organizers need to have. We really just looked at the application and boiled it down to what organizers need to give us right at the beginning. We realized it was far less than what we had been asking for for a long time.”

The city has many resources to make event planning easier. Residents can find a City Park Event Planner and City Street Special Event Planner online at phoenix.gov/parks.

Special event organizers are also eligible to rent the parks department’s “showmobile” stage and professional sound system. Costs vary depending on the nature of the rental.

For more information, visit phoenix.gov/parks.

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