Rebecca De La Torre

Rebecca De La Torre has been pursuing music full time for about six years.

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A local singer-songwriter, pianist and regular performer at Ruffino’s in Ahwatukee Foothills is taking the next big step in her career and heading to Nashville to record an album at the RCA Studio A.

Rebecca De La Torre has been pursuing music full time for about six years. She released her first EP, “I’m Coming Home,” in 2011. This will be her first full-length album. Producer Tim Carroll will play guitar while Marco Giovino will play drums and Bones Hillman will be on bass. De La Torre will lead with vocals and piano.

This opportunity came after De La Torre began working in collaboration with executive producer and lyricist T. Siering. Throughout 2012 the two have been writing and recording new material. This trip to Nashville will take their work to the next level.

“It’s a huge step,” De La Torre said. “Being able to take that step with some serious musicians in Nashville is huge. It’s something a lot of people dream for.”

De La Torre has always had a love for music but didn’t always see it as a career. For years she was an engineer for General Dynamics.

“The problem in engineering is you usually go into engineering because you’re interested in something nerdy that you find cool,” De La Torre said. “For me it was programming… I had formed my career to be exactly what I wanted it to be, but in engineering if you have a good personality and you’re smart and you know your stuff they’re going to push you to management, which is what they were pushing me to do. I wanted to stay technical. I wanted to write code. I wanted to do what to me was cool stuff.”

De La Torre said she was considering leaving her high-paying job to become a research analyst for Arizona State University and make $27,000 a year. She realized she could probably make more money pursuing her dream of music — so she did.

“I left and they could not believe it,” De La Torre said. “They told me I was crazy. I said maybe I am, but I’m happy. It has just gotten better and better. I’ve been able to hone my skills and get better as a pianist and a singer.”

The trip to Nashville will last just over two weeks and De La Torre hopes to complete about 16 songs during that time.

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