Jeremy Scott knows there are benefits to playing with LEGOs other than just the fun factor.

Scott brought the after-school program, LEGO Building Bonanza, to the Kyrene School District and his theory is being reaffirmed with every class period.

In LEGO Building Bonanza, Scott and his team teach elementary school students the building blocks of creating sound LEGO structures. The kids have fun working as a team, but they are learning things as well, Scott said.

"We focus on teamwork and problem solving," he said. "We try to put the kids in situations where they learn to think outside the box."

In one class challenge, teams of four or five students built structures that they hoped would go all the way up to the ceiling. Scott and the other brickologists, as they are called, stressed a strong base and gave helpful hints along the way.

"I definitely think they get a lot out of this," Meghan Scott, Jeremy's sister and brickologist, said. "I see them improving by communicating with each other."

Going on in the Kyrene schools is the introductory class, "Exploration through Creation," but Scott has developed several other LEGO-based curriculums he hopes to bring to the district down the road.

"We have a class on race cars and one on robotics for example," he noted. "If there is interest from the community then we definitely would like to bring it to Kyrene."

The Scotts said they played with LEGOs throughout their childhood, which spurred their interest in teaching a class about it.

"It's a nice thing to do together as a family," Meghan said.

Along with the class fee students also get their own LEGO set to take home.

Kyrene is offering a wide variety of after-school classes in addition to "Exploration through Creation." To sign up for this program or others, visit or call (480) 783-4044.

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