Summer vacation is at its midpoint and soon some families across Ahwatukee will be sending their child to kindergarten.

To make the transition as simple as possible, the Kyrene School District will host its kindergarten and pre-kindergarten roundup at Kyrene de la Colina Elementary School for parents to learn about the “Kyrene experience” and see which school is best suited for their child’s education.

Kelley Brunner, principal at Colina, will conduct a presentation for parents about the kindergarten experience in Kyrene.

Parents will also be given a chance to register their child to start kindergarten for the 2014-15 school year.

Kelly Alexander, Kyrene district spokeswoman and former instructor, said the district typically hosts similar roundups during the spring, but wants to give as much information to families as possible before the school year begins.

“Anytime we can be available to families that meet their schedule is a positive thing. Additionally, we do have families that move year round, so sometimes they may move in May or June and they miss the opportunity because they didn’t live in the area,” she said.

The summer roundup also allows families to have their questions answered about getting ready for kindergarten, and Alexander said sometimes those questions come after the spring session.

“Going to kindergarten is a transition in life just like going to middle school, going to high school and going to college. It’s a very important year for families, and the more our families can get involved with our school to see the buildings, to see the classrooms and get to here and see what their kids will get to experience, I think that adds to the comfort for parents,” Alexander said. “We always have an open-door policy for our parents to come and volunteer at the school, so we very much want parents to be part of their children’s education. All of that involvement makes families part of that transition.”

Lori El-Asandi, retired kindergarten instructor for Kyrene, said the summer roundup gives parents information on where to send their child for kindergarten.

“Parents today have a lot of opportunity and choice, so it will give them another opportunity to see how Kyrene works its programs,” El-Asandi said. “Also, I think having this program for students is another opportunity for them because it’s a little nerve-racking. This opportunity helps give them a little bit of an opportunity to experience kindergarten before their big day of real kindergarten, so it may alleviate some fears of coming to a big school.”

The summer roundup will take place at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 26, at Colina Elementary School, 13612 S. 36th St.

Parents interested in registering their child for kindergarten need to bring their child’s birth certificate, immunization records and proof of residence.

For more information about Kyrene’s summer roundup, call (480) 541-1000.

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