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Four Ahwatukee businesses are serving as collection/drop-off spots for the Christmas in July Toy Drive benefiting Cardon Children’s Medical Center.

Sponsored by two Facebook groups, Ahwatukee Friends and Living Chandler, the drive is aimed at filling a major need at the Mesa hospital for toys that patients can use not just at Christmas but throughout the year.

“One of the Ahwatukee Friends’ group resolutions for 2017 was to partner with a children’s hospital for a toy drive outside the traditional holiday season,” said Kristen Martinez, an administrator for the Ahwatukee Friends site.

“Ahwatukee Friends reached out to their partner group, Living Chandler, to extend the reach of the drive,” she added.

“With over 47,000 members between the groups, expectations are high for an excellent turn out for the kids.

Ahwatukee drop-offs are:

Zzeeks Pizza, 4825 E. Warner Road

Global Bikes, 3636 E. Ray Road

PetStylist, 3961 E. Chandler Blvd.

CK’s Tavern, 4142 E. Chandler Blvd.

“We would love to fill the toy closets back up for Cardon Children’s,” Martinez added.  

The following is a list of needs.

Infants: Teething toys, rattles, sleepers, onesies, music toys, crib aquariums or crib toys, baby gyms, crib mobiles, board books.

Toddlers: Little People play sets, pop up books, plastic cars, trucks, trains, music and light up toys, movies (dora, thomas, elmo, sponge bob), jumbo coloring crayons, coloring books, musical books, telephones

School age: hot wheels and matchbox cars, action figures, hand held electronic games (yahtzee, hangman, connect four, etc.), fuzzy posters, craft kits (beads, sand art, model cars, foam stickers), wood kits…dinosaurs, bird houses, etc., gift cards (target, toys r us, amazon, etc), movies (newer releases g and pg-dvds), any board games (clue, monopoly, connect four, etc), art sets, puzzles, card games

Adolescents: Fuzzy posters, gift cards (Target, amazon, best buy, walmart, etc), scrapbooking supplies, glitter pens and fun paper, any kind of projects to put together, model car kits, things to make out of wood.

Also, journals/diaries, disposable cameras, card games (uno, phase 10, etc), board games, ps2 video games (rated E and T), portable cd players, cd’s, teen movies (newer releases up to pg-13- dvds), nerf toys (such as basketball), footballs, basketballs, sports equipment, subscriptions to teen magazines, make up/nail polish, art sets, computer games, t-shirts, video games, electronic handheld games and personal dvd players.

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