In the wake of a friend’s death four years ago, three Mountain Pointe High School graduates have started their own organization to raise money and spread awareness of pancreatic cancer.

Joseph Zaghloul, Anthony Navin and James Daly are now students at Arizona State University and have made it a goal to be a strong presence on campus. Known as Fighting Pancreatic Cancer (FPC), the group raised $1,000 to support the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

The Fraternities vs. Cancer Basketball Tournament last Saturday drew nearly 75 people with about 20 teams to play the three-on-three games. Sponsored by Southern Tide clothing, a live DJ and free financial advising to students was also available at the event.

“It was really cool seeing how excited everyone was to give back,” said Zaghloul, president of FPC and a double major in supply chain management and marketing.

FPC officially came together last October after the students stumbled upon the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s website. After figuring out their name and planning for events like the tournament, they quickly gained recognition on campus.

“I’m blown away with the support that we’ve had,” Zaghloul said. “There’s not really a niche for community outreach programs on campus.”

He said pancreatic cancer isn’t well known by the younger generation, and by seemingly being the first organization directly spreading the word about it, he’s proud.

“It’s such a narrow scope (of cancer), but very deadly,” Zaghloul added.

Though the organization is just getting its feet off the ground, they plan to host the basketball tournaments each semester. Noticing that the Student Recreation Center served as a perfect place to get students involved, Zaghloul said the organization wants to keep in tune with creating sports-centered events.

“People really thrive on that sports atmosphere and the competition,” he said.

Though he chose not to share the details of the loss of his friend to the disease, Zaghloul and the organization want students to know that cancer hits home for many.

“If I could accomplish one thing through this organization, it would be for people to have the same conviction about this as we do to help,” Zaghloul said.

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