Whether you're in your 20's or 60's, energy can be something to envy.

Do you ever notice those who seem to have boundless energy? Then there are some who have to push to get through the day. Energy can be a huge struggle for some and it seems to affect more people everyday. Chinese medicine offers many answers to questions as to why some have more energy than others.

You never really think much about energy until you don't have enough to get through the day. Fatigue is a bad feeling but exhaustion is even worse. It can be excruciating pushing yourself throughout the day. It may seem like you are pushing a huge boulder up a large mountain. Many people live like this everyday without hope of it getting any better. Although, both my experience and education taught me there is hope and healing. This led me to finding ways that help relieve suffering from fatigue and actually even heal the root of the problem.

More than 3,500 years ago in the book "Huang Di Nei Jing," or Yellow Emperor's guide to Chinese medicine, there is an explanation as to why people are deficient in energy. "They exhaust their energies in many directions." Our essence (essential source Qi - chee) will naturally deplete as we grow older. Our Qi (vital force) is interdependent on our daily physical and emotional environment along with lifestyle and diet. It is important to save our energy, like a bank account, and give our bodies the rest it needs to get through the day. It is also important to make good deposits in that bank account along with a "savings" deposit for future energy needs.

When dealing with exhaustion there are a couple things to consider checking with your health care provider. The first is get all your blood work done to see if you may have immune challenges, Epstein Barr syndrome, anemia or thyroid issues. It is best to request a full thyroid panel with a reverse T3 test along with the antibodies. Secondly, check your adrenal glands and your flow of cortisol throughout the day. This is best and most conveniently done through saliva tests.

Having good energy throughout the day takes some discipline and common sense. It is important to go to bed when you feel tired. Throughout the day schedule several breaks and give your mind a rest. Eat small meals throughout the day and make sure it is balanced with organic fruits and veggies. Many of our energy issues are simple nutritional deficiencies. These nutritional deficiencies cause a negative balance in our bank accounts of energy. It is also important to reduce sugar and wheat from our diet. Both can be energy stealers, especially the white stuff.

My favorite tip is to drink an organic high antioxidant drink daily. Gou Qi Zi, or Goji berry drink, is my absolute favorite. Antioxidants feed and regenerate the cells. In a liquid form it can be quick pick-me-up, just as good as coffee. High doses of liquid B vitamins are also a great addition. A cleanse at least once a year does wonders for boosting energy. It is best to use prescribed cleanses with a licensed health care provider who knows how to test which cleanse is best for you.

Most importantly, don't exhaust your brain. Too much thinking can really run down the body quickly. If you are overscheduled, drop things and prioritize. If you are in physical pain deal with it immediately because that in itself steals a lot of energy. Most importantly, fill your day with pleasant, positive thoughts about yourself and the others around you. Nothing is more draining of energy than constant frustration. Resolve each day to do things that will help you heal and not steal your energy.

• Dawn Krueger-Sherin is an oriental medical practitioner in Ahwatukee Foothills. For questions, reach her at www.acupointehealing.com.

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