Kyrene Governing Board

During Tuesday evening’s study session, governing board members met to hear a brief discussion regarding the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which will aid towards maintenance for school facilities.

Eric Nethercutt, director of facilities and transportation, addressed the governing board with a presentation of the CIP, a three-year project, giving an overview of what their maintenance team works on.

Some of the minor maintenance the CIP works on consists of interior improvements at schools like replacing doors, locks, lights and electrical systems.

Kitchens of school facilities also have to be maintained and in working order with the district serving more than 1.5 million lunches and breakfasts each year.

The core projects, areas needing the most attention, are roofing where the CIP is designed to fix any problem a school roof is having or might have in the future.

Nethercutt said there are four main roofing projects they’re focusing on with some being at Kyrene Estrella Elementary and Kyrene Centennial Middle School.

Inspections are conducted quarterly, semiannual and annually on the facilities making sure they’re in good working order.

“Inspection frequencies are set and recommended by the Arizona School Facility Board, so they give guidance to all schools on how often these inspections should be done,” Nethercutt said.

He said inspections for the facilities can be done two ways: internally, with faculty technicians, or externally, with outside vendors.

“Our goal on internal inspections is to find issues while they are small, fix them, and not let them carry over year-to-year until they become a much larger and expensive issue,” Nethercutt said.

Jeremy Calles, chief financial officer, said the estimation for the three-year CIP, upwards of $14 million each year, is a little high to give some cushion room, and are based on what they’ve seen in past years.

“We are first focusing on the core projects that have to be done,” Calles said.

The governing board will review the CIP and voting on the approval will take place during the next governing board meeting on Sept. 24.

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