Mountain Pointe High School is reviewing its dress code and will most likely make changes for the next school year.

Assistant principal Patricia Goolsby will host three meetings at the school to determine what changes should be made. The first meeting was last Wednesday and Goolsby said the main focus of a new dress code is to be more specific.

"(The current dress code) has a pointer-finger rule and says things like straps can't be less than two fingers wide and the parents asked, well, ‘whose fingers?'" Goolsby said. "The general consensus at the meeting was that it needed to be updated to compensate for current fashion."

Parents of Mountain Pointe students and parents are encouraged to attend the meetings, the final two of which will take place from 3 to 4 p.m. on May 11 and 18 at the school.

Goolsby described it as a three-part process. The first meeting was to look at what should be changed and afterward, attendees were encouraged to go out and do research on what other dress codes are like. The second meeting will be used to look at the research and see how those ideas could be used at Mountain Pointe. The final meeting will be to finalize changes to the dress code in preparation for next school year.

"We went through the current dress code line by line at this last meeting and kept the items we felt that were appropriate," she said. "Then we discussed things we wanted to be more specific about."

The meeting was attended by several parents, one student and eight teachers.

"We're letting the teachers know that these discussions are going on so they can send their kids to be involved in a process," Goolsby said. "We're trying to reflect changing times and that means having the students involved."

Desert Vista adopted a "No BBBB (breasts, bellies, backs or butts)" policy that includes no spaghetti straps, tube tops, halter tops as well as no hats or sunglasses in the classroom.

To find out more information, call Mountain Pointe at (480) 759-8449.

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