There's no denying that some Halloween costumes can be quite costly. Some people know exactly what they want to be, and they pay whatever it costs.

But employees of some of the area's larger thrift stores believe their products can be just as good, if not better than those brand-new, name-brand costumes. They say building a Halloween costume can be more rewarding because you have to put together all the pieces yourself.

Places such as Savers and Tiedemann's Family Thrift and Vintage in Tempe offer huge selections of used Halloween costumes and other clothing that can be used as a costume. Employees say the majority of their clientele consists of people who don't want to spend a huge sum of money on something they will most likely wear only once.

"There is so much you can do with what we have," said Tiana Garry, who works at Tiedemann's. "The selection here is huge. You just need to think outside the box to make it happen."

Garry said October is by far their busiest month of the year. Costumes cost $5.98 and Tiedemann's also offers half-off sales some days leading up to Halloween.

"A full Halloween costume for under $6 and even $3 is pretty hard to beat," she said.

For those looking to get creative with their Halloween costume, employees of Tiedemann's, 755 W. Baseline Road, and Savers, 1800 W. Elliot Road, are there to help with making selections and combining different pieces of clothing.

"We have a really wide selection and all of our employees are here to help you mix and match," said Yolanda Moreno, production manager for Savers. "We have older-style clothes, so we can help you put together something, like a hippy for example."

For some parents, thrift store shopping for Halloween costumes is a no-brainer.

Maricopa resident Melissa Pannell said she has been coming to Savers the past couple years for her three children, who are 9, 4 and 2 years old.

"It's about cost-effectiveness, that's the best word to describe it," Pannell said. "With three kids, a new costume can be up to $40. Plus, they will only wear it once or not at all."

Moreno said this is her third time working at Halloween time and she has seen the amount of costumes and customers grow every year since she started.

"We're going through hundreds of costumes and putting out new stuff everyday," she said. "This year we are much more organized so when people come in they will be able to find things easier."

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