The city’s Innovation and Efficiency Task Force has achieved a total of $62.7 million in cost savings and the group is on track to achieve $100 million in savings by December 2015, according to a report sent to the Phoenix City Council.

The task force is now entering its fourth year. Each year the group evaluates its current structure, goals and challenges moving forward.

The report was given to the city’s Finance, Efficiency, Innovation and Sustainability Subcommittee on Feb. 20.

“As the city gets closer to its goal of $100 million in savings, measures being considered are likely to include more complex and challenging organizational changes,” the report said. “Innovation and creativity are more critical than ever in the city’s efforts to reduce costs on an ongoing basis. Opportunities may also involve actions that require some initial investment where longer term savings and return on investment may be realized. This can be particularly challenging considering ongoing budget constraints and limited financial resources.”

This year the task force will be seeking the help of private sector individuals to assist with idea generation and evaluation. They will also be making changes to the workgroup structure.

Last year, the group focused on communications, process improvement, regional public partnerships, rightsourcing and technology.

This year, the task force will set up work groups to evaluate new ideas to be submitted for grant opportunities, develop strategies that center on economic competitiveness, look at ideas that include multiple departments, explore the development of private-public partnerships, and continue to look at rightsourcing.

In 2012 the group was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Local Government Innovation Award by the Alliance for Innovation, a national organization focused on local government innovation.

The task force was able to find efficiencies in the transit department, water services, public works and technology.

The task force has worked closely with the City Council Efficiency and Innovation Subcommittee for approval on all action.

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