Lyndsey Klein reads to children from Homeward Bound.


Lyndsey Klein, a seventh-grader at Summit School of Ahwatukee, always had a passion when it came to reading.

She decided to share her passion for reading to kids that were less fortunate and created a book drive for Homeward Bound.

Klein first found out about Homeward Bound during Summit School’s annual Thanksgiving drive, and saw first-hand how much there was a need for books to be donated.

She heard about kids at Homeward Bound not having books to read, and decided to create a book drive to help them out.

“I wanted to do the book drive to share my love for reading with other kids that are not as fortunate as I am,” Klein said. “There are a lot of kids there that can’t afford books, so we decided to help them out.”

She began collecting new and used books to donate to Homeward Bound, and the organization also gave her a wish list of books to be donated.

Klein asked her friends and family to make donation to the book drive, and she collected more than 97 books, which was worth $1,250, and $70 that was donated to Homeward Bound.

She also visited the shelter that received the books, and read to four different classrooms.

“It felt really good because I was helping other people so they were able to have books like I have,” Klein said. “My friends and family helped me out a lot, so it was a really good turnout.”

Ellie Crystal, Klein’s mother, said it was a special experience to see her daughter create something charitable for others.

“We went to the charity to hand deliver the books and they were just in tears,” Crystal said. “The charity wants to teach the moms importance of reading and the importance of reading to their children at night. They give the books to the moms to read to their children, and then the charity has different activities inside the library.”

Klein said that she would plan another charity event, but doesn’t know if she would focus it on donating books.

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