Recently, our adorable daughter, Drew, came waltzing into the kitchen with her finger in her nose.

She looked quite determined, and I remember saying something to her about proper etiquette and perhaps using a tissue. Drew emphatically shared with me, "Dad, I wasn't picking my nose, I was opening my nostril."

I just about laughed myself right off my kitchen chair and Drew promptly left the room not feeling any remorse at all, and yet I did hear her giggle as she knew she had just delivered a very creative fib.

So why do I share this playful story with you? I share it because I think Drew did something very creative and powerful in an odd way. Even though most people might not find nose picking inspirational, I saw a powerful principle that Drew was embodying.

Sometimes with a little change in one's point of view, a change in perspective as my wife, Elissa, likes to call it, a whole experience can be re-framed and one can derive new meaning from an event.

Sometimes giving something a new name or a new tone shapes and shifts the experience of that thing.

For example, if someone does an intestinal cleanse after all of the holiday sweets, he or she might get a headache or use the restroom more frequently, if he or she eats 100 percent raw and cleansing foods, rich in enzymes and healing properties.

Now, instead of calling that headache a headache, one might realize there is meaning behind the experience and call it a cleansing reaction.

Another example is one person may eat a food and get a stomach ache. Another person takes antacids to soothe the system, but still eats the same foods.

Another might actually take the time to think that their body is giving them feedback and, perhaps, instead of over-riding the body's feedback and clues, they might choose to change their consumption. Perspective helps experiences take on a whole new meaning.

So what does this have to do with you, the new year? Simply this: we offer you the opportunity to try on what it means to shift your perspective even a little bit.

How might you bring lightness to a situation as Drew did in the "opening the nostril" example, or perhaps how might you feel more powerful and engaged in life this year?

So often people set goals on what they want to accomplish, but they do not take stock in who they really want to be; how they really want to feel.

This year we invite you to contemplate how you might become more filled with fulfillment, and creativity.

This year we invite you to take actions that will help you feel filled with choice and with hope, and we sincerely wish for you a year filled with health, with love, and with peace and, perhaps, a new perspective.

Dr. Jason Kolber is a licensed doctor of chiropractic and a certified life coach. He can be contacted at (480) 704-2787 or

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