In efforts toward spreading the true meaning of Christmas, Kathy McCormick and her kindergarten class at St. John Bosco Catholic School (SJBCS) will host a play on the birth of Jesus.

It’s a “short and sweet” performance by the students who perform in a small setting in front of their families.

The play has become an annual event for McCormick and her kindergarten class, dating back 13 years ago when SJBCS first opened its doors.

During her first year teaching at SJBCS, McCormick felt by having a play on the birth of Jesus, it would further her students’ understanding about the true meaning of Christmas.

McCormick also received help from some of her students’ mothers, who lend a helping hand by sewing together all the outfits for the play. All of them sewed during the first year’s performance have been used throughout the years and are still in good shape.

“It’s really important, especially being at a Catholic school, to be able to express the true meaning of Christmas,” McCormick said.

Preparations for the play take place a month in advance, where students are handed their scripts to learn their lines.

This year’s play has been a bit difficult for McCormick, due to the downsizing of her classroom.

In the past, she would typically have 30 students in a class, but this year she is currently at 17 students.

“This year I have two angels, where I would normally have four and two Shepherd’s, where I would normally have four,” McCormick said.

However, the downsizing has not stopped the production process of the play, and McCormick and her students are ready to continue the tradition.

Family members are invited to the play, which will be at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 19 inside the school’s multipurpose room, 16035 S. 48th St.

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