Altadena fall sports
Conference 'Varsity' Team. They are the top 7 boys and girls who scored for the championship race. Left to right: Back row: Coach Parrish, Alex Carillo, Kyle Havriliak, Brev Armstrong, Ben Davis, Matt Anciaux, DJ Harris, Hunter Tielke. Front Row (girls): Rachel Steigerwald, Kendall Glover, Maddie Nichols, Corey Zaremba, Tessa Reinhart, Samantha Iannone, and Izzy Carroll. Submitted photo

A fall sports season like this does not come around very often.

The teams from Altadeña Middle School went undefeated during the end-of-season tournaments and took home championships in seventh- and eighth grade boy's soccer, seventh and eighth-grade girls volleyball and cross country.

Athletic Director Tim O'Donnell said he believes this is the first time that a Kyrene middle school has won every championship in a single season.

"To our recollection, this hasn't happened before," said O'Donnell, who is in his sixth year as Altadeña's athletic director. "So we are definitely really proud of the kids and coaching staff who made this possible. They are a phenomenal group of people."

The seventh-grade boys soccer team went undefeated in regular and post-season play, and almost achieved total perfection. They allowed one goal in 12 games, outscoring opponents 57-1 overall.

"We kicked up our defense throughout the year," said coach Geoff Redmond, who just finished his fifth season as coach. "This team, as a collective unit, was the best team I've had. I told the kids that maybe they didn't have the most talent, but together, they were the best team."

The tournaments ended in late October. The six Kyrene middle schools competed in each of the tournaments. There were 186 kids from Altadeña who participated this year.

"The girls always do extremely well in cross country and volleyball," O'Donnell said. "But to have a full blown sweep is a pretty big deal."

In cross country, the girls varsity team went undefeated in the regular season and won the final meet with a score of 28 points. The second place team scored 52.

It was almost the same story for the boys varsity team, who had one loss in the regular season and won the finals with a score of 23. Second place had 48 points.

"We knew we had a really good shot to win (the championship) but middle school sports are quirky so you never know," said Kris Maack, one of the cross country coaches. "I don't think you would ever expect it. Frankly we were all a little surprised."

The seventh-grade girls volleyball team was not to be outdone. They, too, finished the season with a 12-0 record.

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