Two cats and a dog are hoping to move into Ahwatukee with some new owners.

Willow is an “enchanting girl with the glowing green eyes, long white whiskers, and beautiful orange coat,” according to Jenny Bernot of Arizona Rescue.

“Willow is shy at first but it doesn’t take long for this sweet, friendly kitty to begin head butting you for attention,” Bernot said. “If she sees an open lap, her shyness disappears as she hops up and makes herself at home.

She loves being brushed so much that the sight of a brush moves her to start butting her head against it. Willow enjoys being petted, especially if it involves ear rubs and chin scratches, and likes playing with the fabric wand toy when it wanders within paw’s reach, alternately biting it and then swatting at it.

“No matter how badly you want to smother this sweet girl with affection, no matter how badly you want to pet that beautiful coat of hers for hours on end, there comes a point where Willow decides she needs space,” Bernot warned. “People overlook Willow because they’re not sure how to handle this, but for those willing to spend time getting to know her, it is well worth it.”

Bernot said caretakers feel “Willow would thrive in a quiet home with a patient family who will let Willow set the pace.”

Bernot also is seeking a home for year-old Justin, a tabby-striped cat who is “one of the sweetest, most charming, and most people-oriented kitties you’ll ever meet.”

“He is incredibly affectionate and loves nothing better than spending time in someone’s lap,” she said, adding that he “has a habit of looking deeply into your eyes while meowing lovingly at you…makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room.”

Besides people, Justin also likes interacting with other friendly kitties.”

“Justin loves to wrestle, engage in a rousing game of chase, and take turns batting toys around with his feline friends,” Bernot said. “Justin will play with just about any toy you put in front of him, with wand toys being a paws-down favorite.”

Justin finds dogs fascinating as well. “A volunteer saw him go nose-to-nose with a small/medium-sized dog through a glass door and Justin played it cool – not even a puffed tail on our boy,” Bernot said, adding that a stroke left his previous owner unable to care for him.

Both Justin and Willow can be adopted by contacting

Meanwhile, the Arizona Animal Welfare League is seeking a home for Makani, a year-old Miniature Schnauzer mix who is at its main shelter at 25 N. 40th St., Phoenix.

Caretaker Shauna Michael said Makani “is a sweet, spunky girl looking for a quiet household to call her own.”

“Makani is very loyal to her family and is ready to start training classes to help her gain more confidence. Makani adores cuddling with her people and going for evening strolls around the neighborhood. She can be a little nervous with new people entering her home, so Makani would do best in a calm household where her family can help her build confidence.”

She added that the dog “loves to show off her goofy side and enjoys visiting the dog park to play with her doggy friends.”

Information: 602-273-6852 ext. 116.

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