After eight years of treating orthodontic patients with lingual braces, Dr. Ken Danyluk brings patients in Ahwatukee a more inconspicuous option.

“Went through a learning curve for how to make things comfortable for people,” said Danyluk, of Team Orthodontics. “But you learn quickly about what works and what doesn’t work.”

With locations in Ahwatukee and Gilbert, Danyluk’s practice has served patients in the East Valley since 2002. Considered one of the leading practices using lingual braces in the country, Danyluk said he hopes interested patients will give it a try.

Lingual braces are essentially normal braces placed on the back surface of teeth, making them less noticeable. The treatment process, according to Danyluk, moves teeth in the same way, for the same amount of time and for the same result. After being developed in the mid-1980s, which Danyluk described as being “big and clunky,” popularity didn’t catch on.

“Not a lot of orthodontists had experience with them and the perception of them was pretty negative, that unfortunately carried over to current practices,” he said.

But having an interest in the lingual braces, and wanting to experiment with how they could work, Danyluk and his wife both tried them out, and were amazed at how comfortable they became.

Though the first couple of weeks are described as being awkward to talk and eat, Danyluk said lingual braces are easier to get used to and most patients “forget” they have them in after a while.

“I often say that I wouldn’t do it any other way,” he said.

In addition to lingual braces, the practice also provides traditional and Invisalign braces.

“If it’s in the hands of someone who knows how to handle them, then it can be a really cool experience for the patient, and ours have echoed that same reaction,” Danyluk said.

Team Orthodontics is located at 4350 E. Ray Road, Suite 121. For more information, visit or call (480) 759-3333.

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