About 30 students from the Kyrene School District gathered at the district office last week for a simulated Congressional meeting, discussing the topic of how to increase school supplies.

Broken up into six school regions, 31 students representing each elementary and middle school in the district present their ideas and proposal to the Congressional “panel” once a month.

Part of the district’s Student Superintendent Council program aims to give students an exposure to law, it also gives them the opportunity to make real change.

“I hope it helps them understand that they can really take leadership roles and make a difference,” said Superintendent Dr. David Schauer, who started the council about six years ago. “Past topics included increasing sports programs for elementary students, and we have actually done that as a result.”

Last year, the council was organized as a mock governing board that discussed possibilities for elementary schools to provide sports activities. The outcome was Kyrene’s new Intramurals that offers kickball, ultimate, capture the flag, and track and field.

This year, Schauer said he decided Congress would be relevant in light of the recent election.

Last week’s simulated meeting heard a proposal from the Pueblo school region, which represented Kyrene del Pueblo, Manitas, Mariposa, Mirada, and Paloma.

A group of about five students presented ideas of how to raise money for school supplies. The rest of the six groups will present one at a time, meeting once a month.

Madison Rowlee, Congressional panelist and fifth-grader at Kyrene de las Lomas, said she was excited to be part of the meeting and encouraged other students to volunteer.

“Trying to make new laws is fun, and it’s fun to see our schools change,” she said.

For more information about the Kyrene Student Congress or the Student Superintendent Council, call Schauer’s office at (480) 541-1100.

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