Zadie and Bae

Two dogs are under this week’s spotlight on rescued animals in search of new homes.

Shauna Michael of the Arizona Animal Welfare League said Bae, a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, “prefers the leisurely pleasures life has to offer and is always ready to snuggle up on the couch for movie night or lounge around for belly rubs.”

“Bae does enjoy a good game of fetch, and loves evening strolls to help her keep at a healthy weight,” Michael added, noting that Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport has paid for Bae’s adoption fee.

Information: 602-273-6852 ext.116.

Jenny Bernot of Arizona Rescue said Zadie “is a bundle of cuteness with her tri-colored coat, floppy ears, and big brown eyes that seem to look right into your soul.”

The outgoing, 2-year-old Dachshund mix “is a snuggler who loves attention. She enjoys being held, being pet, receiving belly rubs, and cuddling in your lap”  and will “happily settle beside you in bed and sleep the whole night through,” Bernot said.

The dog, who likes to play fetch, “is curious and inquisitive about everything. She is always eager to visit the dog park, where she literally runs circle around most dogs there. Our gal loves to romp and wrestle with other dogs, particularly ones around her size,” according to Bernot.

Zadie enjoys walks, “has excellent leash manners” and “rides in a car like a pro, happily climbing on your lap and falling asleep as you drive to your next destination,” she added.

Bernot recommends Zadie go to a home that can provide plenty of walks, fetch and park time.


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