In July of 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that amalgam is a safe material for dental restorations. By the end of 2010, the FDA reopened the investigation due to pressures from various health organizations questioning the ruling. In December 2010, the American Dental Association (ADA) created an advisory panel to continue its own investigation on the safety of amalgam material for dental restoration. Last month the ADA panel intensively reviewed existing and new scientific information on amalgam dental safety and found that the FDA ruled appropriately in July of 2009.

Dr. Susan Runner, the 2009 FDA acting division director of anesthesiology, general hospital, infection control and dental devices, announced that the conclusions were based on multiple, evidence-based studies. Long-term studies show that the amount of mercury released by dental fillings is not high enough to cause harm to patients. In addition, studies have found that there is no adverse health effect of dental amalgam on developing fetuses, breast-fed infants and child under the age of 6. Thus, it is safe to perform amalgam restorations on pregnant woman and children. Runner noted that some patients may have an allergy or sensitivity to metals within the dental amalgam. Therefore, special controls will be in place to warn dental professionals and patients of possible allergies, and to encourage adequate ventilation when handling amalgam.

Nancy Stade, the FDA deputy director for policy in the FDA's medical device center, said that the current guideline for mercury fillings is not being modified during the reinvestigation of the 2009 ruling.

After the ADA panel announced its statement concluding amalgam as a safe dental material, ADA president Dr. Raymond Gist concluded that the use of amalgam restorations is a decision that should be made between the patient and the dentist. Patients are recommended to discuss the benefits and risks of amalgam restorations with their dentist prior to dental treatment.

Dr. Rashmi (Rush) Bhatnagar, DMD, MPH, can be contacted at (480) 598-5900 or visit


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Marie Flowers

I am [sad] for this dentist who has swallowed her dental school training, hook, line and sinker and can't think for herself.

Dentists, including dentists belonging to the American Dental Association, or members of the dental branch of the FDA are NOT QUALIFIED to judge health issues related to mercury exposure to amalgam fillings. Dentists are not medical doctors and therefore can't diagnose medical illnesses. So why did the FDA panel in 2010 stack the panel with dental professors and didn't allow a pediatric neurologist from Mayo Clinic to vote, but yet ONLY allowed the dentists to vote?

The pediatric neurologist said we should use the precautionary principle and NEVER place amalgam fillings in children's teeth.

To see testimonies of people who testified at FDA hearings in December 2010, go to and do a search in the search box for mercurymatters. (This is only one word.) You will see scientists, dentists who understand mercury toxicity, dental assistants who have been poisoned, people who have miscarried after dentists placed amalgam during their pregnancies, a husband who almost died at age 33 because of heart issues related to mercury. His wife, a health department nurse, took 7 years to figure out why her husband regressed every time he went to the dentist. She said she had never been taught the dangers of amalgam fillings during her training.

So this parroting of the views of the ADA will stop as people wise up to the deception that has been going on every since the ADA started their organization on the premise of USING mercury when the previous dental organization kicked out the dentists who used quicksilver.

See the Lancet article of Dr. Tore Patrick Störtebecker who published an article showing mercury goes straight up to the brain, via the nasal passage and olfactory nerves leading into the brain.

Marie Flowers
DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions


Dr Rashmi spreads so much misinformation in this article that she was awarded a position on the WALL OF SHAME where her false assertions are dismantled.
For anyone reading this slanted article please visit the website above to gain context and understanding of the true risks involved with exposure to mercury vapor and particles from your mercury amalgam fillings.

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