The Kyrene School District Governing Board voted Tuesday to not change the way special areas - physical education, art, music and library - are implemented in district schools.

On the table were four options that could have saved the district up to $1.1 million. The 2010-11 budget was around $99.8 million and was reduced to $95.1 million for the 2011-12 school year.

Superintendent David Schauer recommended changing the delivery of these areas to once per week for 50 minutes. This would have saved the district approximately $756,000.

Currently, students receive physical education and music twice per week for 30 minutes, art once a week for 40 minutes and the amount of time in the library varies by school.

Discussion at the governing board meeting started on Tuesday and ended up going past midnight as administrators discussed all the possible changes.

"Our board is very dedicated. They care," Schauer said. "They take their level of responsibility really seriously. I know they want what's best, and they are not really satisfied with an option that hasn't been looked at thoroughly."

In a 3-2 vote, the governing board also approved increases to class size range. Pending adoption of the budget in July, the class size ranges in kindergarten through third grade will increase by two and fourth through eighth grades will increase by one. The changes will save the district about $1.35 million.

Schauer's recommendation differed slightly. He recommended the increase in kindergarten to be one and not two and no change to third-, fourth- and fifth-grade class sizes. This would have saved the district about $1 million.

To make up the difference if changes to the special areas were approved, the district will use funds from its tuition-based programs, which it will receive at the end of the year. Schauer estimated the district will receive as much as $250,000 from these programs.

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