Thomas Allen of Ahwatukee raises a gavel during his tour of the State Capital in which state Rep. Jill Norgaard was both his guide and a big help in Thomas' quest for his Eagle Scout badge.
Special to AFN

Ahwatukee Boy Scout Thomas Allen turned a chance meeting at a supermarket into an opportunity to interview a state legislator for his Eagle Scout badge.

Thomas Allen, an eighth-grader at Altadena Middle School and a member of Troop 14 at Esperanza Church, met with state Rep. Jill Norgaard, the Republican representative from Legislative District 18 and an Ahwatukee resident.

The son of Denise and Randy Allen, Thomas and his sister Tatum, a fifth-grader at Sienna Elementary, toured the State Capitol.

He filed this report at the request of AFN:

“I am a Star Scout in Boy Scouts Troop 14 and have my eyes set on Eagle Scout, in order to do that though, I need to get certain merit badges.

“One of those badges is ‘Citizenship in The Community’ and one of its requirements is to interview a member of our community about issues facing us.

Since we met in the grocery store and became acquainted, I sent our families House Representative, Jill Norgaard, an email asking if I could interview her.  

“She emailed back saying that she’d love to. My mom, sister and I met her at the State Capital and she gave us a private tour of the House Floor and the “secret” passageway. It was really cool.

“The two questions I asked her were:

“What are you doing to help military veterans? She answered that the Arizona House and the Arizona Senate are running a drive to collect water for the homeless veterans of Arizona.

“What was she was doing for school kids. She said that she was running a project to help families to cope with Children dealing with Dyslexia.

“It was a great experience to meet and talk with Rep. Norgaard. I encourage other boys to join Boy Scouts. It has provided amazing experience for me.”


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