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Summer School … these two words can sound like a one- to two-month jail sentence for students in school.

Sometimes summer school is inevitable and a student must attend due to poor performance during the year in a certain subject. But what if your student has performed well in school and you would like them to keep up the performance the next year?

What if you want your student to get some extra help in preparation for next school year? These are two very good reasons why a summer tutor would be a perfect choice.

1. Summer school. Summer school classes are usually at a fast pace. Typical classes can last four weeks but cover four months of normal school material. This can be very stressful and frustrating if the student already did not understand the material during the year.

A tutor can help the student master the concepts and improve their chances of passing summer school.

2. Informal/Relaxed. Summer tutoring can be as intense or as casual as you want. Meeting one to two days a week for an hour is a great way to keep your student on top and avoid that “brain drain” that many students encounter over a summer vacation.

The lessons can be short and allow the student to work on their own to improve without worrying about upcoming exams or other classes.

3. Flexibility. Tutors are very flexible with their time and when you can meet. If you have a family vacation planned, tutors are happy to work around your family schedule. Most summer tutors are teachers who want to continue working with students in the summer so you will still get a quality tutor.

4. Upcoming school year anxieties. If your student will be taking a class that is unfamiliar or gives them anxiety (higher level math for example) then some summer tutoring will give them the confidence to enter the school year knowing they will be able to handle the class. Imagine your student walking into the classroom and has already covered most of the material that will be taught that year.

5. Upcoming SAT/ACT. If your student is taking the SAT/ACT next year, preparing for these tests over the summer is perfect. They will be able to study on a more consistent basis and some programs are online which will allow your student to study while on that family San Diego vacation.

Summer tutoring can be a very good investment in your student and their future. One to two days a week can do a lot for a student’s confidence in the next school year and still keep that treasured summer vacation intact.

• Ahwatukee Foothills resident Michael Bond is the owner of Ahwatukee-based 1st Place Tutoring. His company assists students in grades K-12 with math, reading and science, and has SAT/ACT test preparation classes for high school students. Reach him at (602) 751-3594, mbond@1stplacetutoringaz.com or www.1stplacetutoringaz.com.

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