St. John Bosco Catholic School (SJBCS) recently placed third in Arizona for the 2013 Recycle Bowl, where students were asked to promote recycling throughout the school.

For two weeks, from Oct. 20 to Nov. 15, the city of Phoenix would visit and weigh the items that the school had recycled.

The school was given notice at the end of February about placing third.

Over 92 schools across Arizona competed in the 2013 Recycle Bowl, and SJBCS received $150 for placing third.

Seventh- and eighth-grade teacher, Patrice Whalen, and her students from Conserve and Preserve (CAP) were on the forefront during the 2013 Recycle Bowl, making sure all items thrown away were recycled properly.

Sophia Promponas, eighth-grader in CAP, said the main focus of CAP was centered on learning how to recycle the right items.

“It felt great to place third… third place is great considering we are a pretty small school compared to all the others,” Promponas said.

CAP is made up of students from kindergarten and eighth grade, where they participate in different environmental activities throughout the school year.

“We work with the city of Phoenix with a really good recycling program where they give us all kinds of bins,” Whalen said.

During lunchtime, students of CAP would police their fellow students after they were done with their lunch on what items could and couldn’t be recycled.

Whalen said the commitment of her CAP students was high, considering they were giving up their lunchtime making sure items was recycled.

“I was very proud of them because my CAP students would pretty much have to eat lunch within five minutes because then they would go into the cafeteria and stand by the garbage can and would say what was recycle and garbage,” Whalen said. “They really gave up a lot of their lunch for about three weeks. They really worked hard, and did a good job.”

CAP also educated the school on different recyclable items by teaching students about recycling.

“We had to re-teach the school what was recyclable,” Whalen said.

The entire school joined in the recycling efforts by having a recycling bin outside each classroom.

“We really make an effort not to throw things away that are recyclable,” Principal Dr. Marie Axman said. “It’s a service project that every kid can take part of.”

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