Throughout September, Tempe Union High School District is displaying art from each of its five high school art instructors at the district’s governing board room, 500 W. Guadalupe Road.

Each piece of artwork, ranging from paintings to photographs and ceramic sculptures, is displayed with the title and the artist’s name.

All the artwork is being sold with 10 percent of the proceeds going to the Tempe Union High School Education Foundation to begin a student art scholarship.

Stacy Marko, art and design instructor at Mountain Pointe and Desert Vista high schools, said this is the second year the district has had this type of event.

She currently has pieces of her own artwork on display, but says there are too many of them to count.

Prices for her pieces range from $50 to $1,800.

Most of her artwork consists of landscape paintings with vibrant colors, such as her piece entitled, “Four or Not.”

Marko’s “Four or Not” painting is of vibrant sunflowers, which she had hoped to finish in under four hours to no avail.

Marko also spoke about her two other paintings of red agave plants that she saw while commuting from MP and DV.

She had never seen those types of plants before, and decided to hop out of her car, take a quick photo, and paint.

Fortunately for Marko, she took the photo to paint by because the red agave plants were all gone two weeks later.

Lynn Smith, honors art instructor at Mountain Pointe, also has artwork on display. Hers focuses more towards oil pastel.

Smith’s art processes for making a piece comes mostly from her imagination, and are based on drawings in her sketch books.

She said pricing her pieces comes down to how much time she’s invested on completing a particular piece.

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