David Barrett
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David Barrett’s life was football. Drafted in 2000 by the Arizona Cardinals, his professional football career began.

Over Barrett’s eight year career he played cornerback for both the Cardinals and the New York Jets. However, there was something that Barrett liked just as much as football – getting pampered.

"When I was playing I used to get pampered. Get my nails done, go get pedicures manicures, massages,” said Barrett.

Barrett’s fiancé and co-owner, Kristi Thames, says that for people that know David this isn’t a surprise.

In fact, Barrett likes getting pampered so much, that once his football career ended he decided to turn it into a business.

D. Antonio’s Signature Day Spa & Ink officially opened their doors this august in Chandler, Arizona. This high-end spa includes all of Barrett’s favorite things: massages, pedicures, manicure, and a staff of four hair stylist amongst many other things.

However, this spa has a twist to it. Beyond the relaxing, sophisticated elements of the spa you can experience something you will never forget—literally. The spa even has their own tattoo artist.

The idea behind a combination of a salon and tattoo parlor is that customers may be more comfortable in the relaxed setting of a spa as opposed to an intimidating tattoo parlor.

The grand opening of D. Antonio’s Day Spa & Ink will be on August 17.

“It’s another step in my life after football, moving on and growing into something bigger and better,” said Barrett.

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