SJBCS varsity baseball

The varsity baseball team at St. John Bosco Catholic School (SJBCS) recently won its fourth consecutive Catholic Youth Athletic Association (CYAA) baseball championship.

SJBCS went undefeated throughout the entire tournament, and was able to beat its rival, St. Simon & Jude Catholic School, in the semi finals and in the championship.

The bulldogs of SJBCS were trailing their rivals throughout the majority of the game, but were able to rally late in the game to pull out a 7-5 victory.

It was a tremendous accomplishment for the entire team; especially the students who have been with the team throughout the four years of being crowned champs.

Eighth-grader Nick Tiedemann has been playing baseball at SJBCS since he was a fifth-grader, and said it was a special experience to be able to grow a bound with his teammates and win the championship in four consecutive years.

He enjoyed the fact that he and his teammates were able to come back from a five-run lead to win it all.

“We just picked each other up… we wanted to win it again for the fourth year,” Tiedemann said.

Eighth-grader Stephen Buckel has also been with the team throughout the four-year reign, and likes to think of himself as a leader, a person who brings up the spirits of the team during adversity.

He felt that the camaraderie of the team was one of the main reasons that allowed them to stay reigning champions.

“It feels pretty amazing that we as a team can develop and keep playing better and better,” Buckel said. “We really wanted that game, and I think we just wanted it a little bit more. We weren’t playing that great in the beginning, but our bats came alive in one inning, and we kept rolling.”

Eighth-grader Lucas Grennan said that it felt good to pull off a comeback win against their rival because the team knew its legacy wouldn’t be complete until they had their fourth championship.

“It’s really exciting to represent the school in such a good way and prove that we are the best out there,” he said. “It’s good to be a bulldog.”

The three champs plan to continue playing baseball at the high school level for Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix.

“A couple of kids on the team will try out for the team, and hopefully continue our legacy there,” Grennan said.

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