Faith Christian Center fundraiser

A car wash like this will be happening in Ahwatukee at the Burger King near 48th Street and Warner Road this Saturday. The youth group of Faith Christian Center will be fundraising for next year's summer camp.

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The kids and teens of Faith Christian Center in Phoenix have attended an annual summer camp for more than a decade.

For the first time in 14 years the camp was in jeopardy due to families’ financial hardship. Out of fear it would be shut down, the parents and their kids rallied together to raise the money.

That was their first goal.

Now, getting an early start in fundraising for next summer, the group will have its last car wash in Ahwatukee Foothills at the Burger King near 48th Street and Warner Road.

In four weeks, through car washes, fundraising parties, and donations, the group raised close to $8,000 to get everyone to camp this summer, even after tithing 10 percent of their funds back to their church.

Adrienne Montgomery, a parent representative, said the state of the economy made it hard for parents to cover the $325 per child for camp this year. Eleven families, which accounted for 22 kids, needed financial assistance.

“This has been a great testing of faith,” said Montgomery, whose son is now able to go to camp.

The group of kids, ages 12 to 18, head to Prescott in late-July.

“Every year, it’s a life-changing experience,” said Ahwatukee resident Angela Bullock, of how her daughter enjoys the camp.

Bullock’s daughter Erin, 16, has been going to camp at Faith Christian Center for years and Bullock especially likes the camp because kids get the opportunity to get away from technology.

Cell phones and other devices are put away, giving kids the time to fellowship and enjoy the camp without distraction.

According to Bullock, the parents involved have also learned how to depend on each other in time of need.

“For me I feel like a relationship has deepened with other parents,” said Bullock of raising money together.

Montgomery agrees, adding that the service of giving to everyone helped in reaching their goal.

It only takes one to start giving, and it will all be finished, Montgomery said.

“And that’s exactly what we did.”

The youth group of Faith Christian Center car wash this Saturday will be from 7 a.m. to noon at the Ahwatukee Burger King, 4805 E. Warner Road.

For more information about the group or how to donate, call (602) 267-9700.

• Diana Martinez is freelancing this summer for the Ahwatukee Foothills News. Reach her at

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