Amanda Hamm of the Kyrene Resource Center gave a presentation on the violence prevention programs used in Kyrene schools during the Connecting to Serve meeting Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Allison Hurtado

Amanda Hamm, Kyrene School District’s prevention manager, recently made the decision to say goodbye to the Valley of the Sun, moving back to her home state of North Carolina.

When Hamm moved from North Carolina, she began working for Kyrene, spending 10 years at the district.

She was most known for being the prevention service manager the past five years.

Her decision to say bye to the job she fell in love with was due in part to family reasons.

Ten years ago, Hamm and her husband, Brian Hamm, made the decision to move from North Carolina to start a new life, choosing the Valley as their nesting ground.

Throughout their time in Arizona, the Hamms began making a home for themselves, purchasing a home and having two children, but still felt that something was missing.

Having no family in the area, the Hamms made a plan to live in the Valley for a couple years and move back East to live closer to family when the time was right.

Being that their children are still in kindergarten and first grade, the Hamms felt if they were going to head back East, this would be a perfect time to do so.

“We decided that if we were going to move back that now is the time,” Amanda said. “We’ve been kind of working on it for a year-and-a-half, getting things ready.”

The move came at a good time for the Hamms, seeing that both accepted positions in North Carolina, where Amanda will become an elective teacher for Hickory High School.

“The public school system had only one position available and it was what I used to teach, so it just seemed like everything was falling into place just perfectly,” Amanda said. “It just felt like perfect timing.”

She will begin her new position as a high school teacher on Jan. 21.

Although she will be moving closer to her family, Amanda will still hold a special place in her heart for the Kyrene School District.

“I loved Kyrene and I loved my job. If I could have picked everything we had in Arizona and moved it closer to family I would’ve because I loved our kid’s school and everything about it. It was a hard decision… I just loved everything about Kyrene,” she said. “It’s bitter sweet. I’m very excited about our new adventures and that whole thing… I’ve had great friendships at Kyrene, and I’ll definitely miss Kyrene.”

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