At the dawn of civilization, when communities started to see their members specialize (think of farmers, tailors, herdsmen, blacksmiths, builder, merchants), that’s when the first businesses were born. Until we entered the 20th century, there were only two modes of marketing: word of mouth and the printed word. Then, with a rush of innovation came the new waves of marketing with each one farther reaching and more targeted: radio, television, Internet, and only recently mobile. Not only has the way we market businesses to the community changed, the entire mentality of business has transformed to reward businesses that give back to the community and society as a whole. By placing stress on increasing community value, not shareholder value, these companies transcend the common mission of corporate America and become a crusader for the communities they touch. That’s why I’d like to bring GEOPERKS by iPayMobile to our community’s attention and the different ways this mobile marketing company is bringing opportunities to local businesses and nonprofit organizations alike. As Americans we love our baseball and since we’re in baseball season, our local schools and club leagues are starting up, let’s delve into the services GEOPERKS by iPayMobile is bringing to our Ahwatukee baseball community.

Have you ever heard of a baseball league or of local schools having their own apps before? GEOPERKS has donated its technology to these organizations our youth of Ahwatukee participate in to serve as a platform where community members can donate. Let’s assume your son or daughter, niece or nephew is a member of the Ahwatukee Little League and you’ve been a huge supporter going to the games and participating in raffles and fundraising events. When you go to watch the game with friends and family, everyone entering the baseball diamond’s geo-fenced area (1-3 mile radius) will be sent a link ( to the Ahwatukee Little League’s app. From this platform you and other Little League fans can order a variety of products from local business sponsors and a percentage of the payment will be donated to the Little League. You can also participate in raffles, silent auctions and donate directly to the Ahwatukee Little League Booster Club to show your support and take advantage of deals hosted on the app. So, you and the family can order a meal through the app from Los Dos Molinos for after the game. It’s simple to navigate, benefits the Ahwatukee baseball booster clubs, be it Ahwatukee Little League, Altadeña Middle School or Mountain Point High School to name a few, as well as business sponsors and community members watching the ball game, provides for a socially responsible marketplace.

Since GEOPERKS by iPayMobile promotes the success of local businesses for the benefit of raising money for our community’s organizations, every month GEOPERKS features a local restaurant through its network. On April 29, GEOPERKS’ featured restaurant of the month, Los Dos Molinos, celebrated “Take Me Out To Los Dos Baseball Night” as an evening to host the Ahwatukee Little League and its supporters. The owners shared the heritage behind their recipes and family and whose recipes are being cooked for customers. All the money raised during the event was donated to the Ahwatukee Little League Booster Club. To serve as inspiration for the players and the sponsor of the event’s silent auction was retired Phillies pitcher Tyler Green and retired Cincinnati Reds player Jason Huth. Both entrepreneurs are local business owners, now giving their time and experience to our youth via the Ahwatukee Little League and sports/health-related initiatives.

There are several ways to get involved yourself, if you would like to support our local Ahwatukee Little League. They have several events during the next couple months, and they always love more people cheering them on. You can check out their schedules and when tournaments will be starting via, and a calendar with the locations and times of several community events. To give you a taste of how you can get involved, May 2 at the Ahwatukee Foothills Golf Club they’ll be hosting a Casino Auction Night.

GEOPERKS was founded by David Vaz, an Ahwatukee resident and 1984 Canadian Olympic wrestler. GEOPERKS is an international company and holds a patent in the mobile space with operations and offices in India, London, Toronto, Canada and is expanding into the U.S. GEOPERKS will soon announce a new innovative, “Mobile Ordering Parent driven Student/Corporate Lunch Program.” Look for this and some other ways GEOPERKS will be engaging our community to help raise funds, all while supporting local businesses. Reach GEOPERKS at

• Ahwatukee resident Armani Del Franco, a graduate of the University of Arizona, is owner of Silverback College Planning LLC. Reach him at (602) 930-8060 or

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