While an array of food trucks may be the main attraction at Ahwatukee Eats, four Ahwatukee moms have also secured a full-length animated family movie
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The administrators of an Ahwatukee Facebook site and a local Realtor have teamed up to inject some family comedy into the community’s next food truck rodeo.

Four moms who operate Ahwatukee Friends, one of the newer local social media sites, and Realtor-resident James Goodman are presenting the animated film “The Secret Life of Pets” during Ahwatukee East, 4-9 p.m. Saturday, March 18, at Horizon Community Learning Center, 16233 S. 48th St., Ahwatukee.

“We are always looking for great ways to get out and help people meet their neighbors,” said Kristen Martinez, who runs Ahwatukee Friends with Sherry Moore, Janet Schwertley and Kimberly Anne.

Ahwatukee Eats is a monthly roundup of at least a dozen food trucks and just as many vendors. It was organized by two local women from Bell Mortgage Arizona who also use the event to help a nonprofit agency by seeking donations of cash or items from people who attend. Admission and parking is free.

“When Ahwatukee Eats sent out a request to sponsor a movie for the community, we knew we wanted to help,” Martinez said.

She said her group asked Goodman to help “because he's always doing a ton for the community and we thought it would be something he would be interested in. He agreed without hesitation.”

The outdoor movie is an extension of the quartet’s social media mission.

Martinez started the site about six months ago and met the three other women online.

“We wanted to provide the residents of Ahwatukee a friendly place to talk about things happening in the community, general questions, referrals as well as promoting local businesses and business owners,” Martinez said. “Everything we do is about and for the community, so we knew this was a perfect opportunity to help out.”

Martinez said she started Ahwatukee Friends because she “felt the politics were really taking over the community feel I was looking for in a group.”

“I decided to step out and make my own site with a politics-free rule.” She added. “It has grown very quickly.  We really want this group to stand out as more of a place to help get neighbors together. We want to hold events and groups that encourage people to get to know each other.”

This Saturday’s movie is the Facebook group’s second joint endeavor with Ahwatukee Eats.

“The first time was in December, where we adopted a family and helped with fundraising, gifts for the family and raffles,” Martinez said, adding:

“This will be the first movie of 2017 for Ahwatukee Eats. There will be more movies in the future, and many fantastic local businesses are assisting Eats in sponsoring them.”

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