School is coming to a rapid end, and many students across the Kyrene School District are trying to find the perfect outfit for their eighth-grade promotion.

That’s why for the past three years the Kyrene Foundation has hosted its Wishes Come True event, which goes toward donating dresses to students who are unable to purchase one for their promotion day.

This year’s Wishes Come True event was at the Kyrene district’s office on Thursday afternoon, where members of the Kyrene Foundation invited different families across the district.

Nearly 25 volunteers helped during the event, and around 150 students from across Kyrene were invited to attend Wishes Come True.

“Our goal is to provide a special-occasion dress for girls who can’t afford them for their eighth-grade promotion,” said Amanda Nosbisch, program manger of community education and outreach for Kyrene. “Not every girl can afford a one-time-special-occasion dress, so we are here to make wishes come true.”

The dresses donated are collected from members of the community and donated to the Kyrene Foundation.

Wishes Come True also received a special donation from the Carsten Institute of Cosmetology in Tempe and their sister-school in New York, which donated more than 150 dresses and 10 certificates for students to get their hair styled on the day of their eighth-grade promotion.

Along with donating dresses, the Kyrene Foundation also donated different hygiene products such as hair products, makeup and body lotions.

Families who attended Wishes Come True also were given different beauty tips from volunteers who were doing hair trimming, eyebrow waxing and makeovers.

“It ends up being a very fun, boutique type of event for the girls,” Nosbisch said. “For us, it is a great way to show our young ladies, who have gone up through Kyrene and on their way to Tempe Union, how proud we are of them and how much we are looking forward to their future. It’s a really nice send off for us to see them grow and get them dresses for promotions.”

Volunteers also received the satisfaction of being part of a student’s eighth-grade promotion.

“It’s a big accomplishment and something that we want to recognize by providing a special opportunity for them,” Nosbisch said.

Cindy Sleasman has volunteered the past three years and said, “It’s just nice for the girls to be able to have a new dress to wear like everyone else when they go to the dance and the graduation.”

“In the past few year’s that I’ve volunteered just seeing how happy the girls are to find a dress, it makes me feel good doing it,” she said. “Some of them might not be able to afford a dress because it doesn’t fit into their family’s budget… there’s a large selection for them to choose from.”

Sleasman, who only has sons, enjoys the opportunity to put her beauty knowledge to some use.

Leading up to the event, Sleasman and a few of her friends hosted a small gathering where people brought in donations for the event.

“My friends and I go shopping for dresses, something that I don’t get to do,” she said. “It’s just nice to see the girls get a dress that they really like.”

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