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Mountain View Lutheran Church will begin its popular Alpha course next month for the fall season.

Alpha will be on Wednesday evenings beginning Sept. 5 at the Ahwatukee church, which includes a free meal and materials.

Kim DeVoss, the church’s representative, said the 14-year-old program has had “terrific results” with those who have participated.

Essentially a Bible study, the course functions mainly as a place for people to ask questions about Christianity and help people “find a closer relationship with God.”

Participants watch a short video, hear music, have a meal, and break into small groups for questions and discussion.

Lynn Costello of Ahwatukee went to the Alpha class for the first time last year and said it helped her in more ways than just spiritual.

“Alpha has helped me to put the pieces together both in my life and in my relationships,” said Costello, who admitted she was apprehensive about joining.

With the conversational structure of the class, Costello said the group’s leader was able to keep discussion true to the “lesson” being presented and people were able to still share their experiences.

“I was just fascinated,” said Costello, “coming to Alpha, sharing stories, watching the videos, and volunteering has been the best way for me to feel closer to the Lord.”

According to DeVoss, the course has accomplished “miracles” such as people finding hope and reasons to volunteer to help others in the community.

“Everyone has a story to tell and Alpha gives you a chance to tell it to friends, while continuing to grow in faith,” Costello added.

The Alpha course will begin Sept. 5 at Mountain View, 11002 S. 48th St.

To register for the class or for more information, contact DeVoss at (602) 549-2963.

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