Ahwatukee Foothills resident Rose Newcomer always knew she wanted to help people through any trails or tribulations they’re experiencing in their everyday lives.

That’s why through the years Newcomer has become a life coach to individuals who are in need of her expertise.

In 2009 Newcomer attended the South West Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, where she received her certification in life coaching.

She worked at Session College for Professional Design for four years as a director of student services assisting online students with motivating them to continue with their studies.

Newcomer said while working as a director of student services she was essentially life coaching, but did not enjoy the fact that it wasn’t on her terms.

“I wanted to do it on my hours and a little bit more freedom to do it to be able to be more effective, and not have to be worrying about the restrictions for somebody else,” Newcomer said.

She decided to pursue her life coaching career as a full-time priority and decided to resign.

Over the years Newcomer has been taking in different clients to aid them with life coaching, and meets with them in different locations around the Valley or has Skype appointments.

At the moment she is getting everything situated to be able to open her own office space where her clients can go in and meet with her.

Newcomer said her new business, Rose Rising, will be fully operational on Aug. 17, and will be located near Priest Drive and Warner Road.

“That way I don’t have to use a Starbucks as an office,” Newcomer said, jokingly. “A lot of life coaches will work out of Starbucks with their clients, which is fine, but I need an environment where I can have privacy to really connect with my client. I want people to be very comfortable to be able to open up and access the answers they need to move forward with their lives.”

Tools for coaching

With her life coaching process, Newcomer makes sure her clients are held accountable on what they want to accomplish and guides them along the way.

“I believe that everybody has their own answers inside of them, and I don’t think they need to look outside themselves for the answers,” Newcomer said. “Everyone deep down knows what they need to do, but sometimes a coach will help facilitate that.”

Other than being a life coach, Newcomer also dabbles in other works of helping people stay on the positive track by creating affirmation paintings, being an intuitive consultant and clutter consultant, ridding her clients of stress.

She has created certain affirmation art pieces which help evoke a kind of emotion they are trying to feel.

Newcomer said the affirmation paintings create a trigger when it is seen each day.

She’s combining a bunch of different tools she does for her clients so they have different items they can use to get them where they need to go.

Newcomer makes sure to hold her clients accountable by giving them what she calls “life homework” to help them bring clarity of what they’re trying to overcome.

She said part of her job is being an accountability partner to her clients, making sure they move forward on the goals they have placed for themselves.

“It’s really cool to see people get where they want to go and sometimes they just need a little bit of a push. I’ve seen a lot of my clients really get up and go after what they are looking for in life,” Newcomer said.

She also revamped her new website for her business, giving individuals interested in her services a chance to see what life coaching is all about.

“I’ve always felt that I was put on this Earth to do some good, and figured it’s time for me to make the leap,” Newcomer said.

For more information about Newcomer’s life coaching methods and her new business, visit www.roserising.com.

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