Kyrene Adventure Tours visited Arizona Science Center in downtown Phoenix on Thursday as part of the program’s weekly field trip experience.

Students explored the different zones Arizona Science Center offered from the Forces of Nature exhibits, where students learned about the dynamics of Earth, to the Mind and Body zone.

Jessica Kavanagh said she enjoys the Kyrene Adventure Tours because of the various field trips it offers.

“They’re all really different, so we have a wide range of what we want to do,” she said.

Kyrene Adventure Tours is a field-trip-based camp that runs Monday through Friday and provides trips around Arizona for students in the Kyrene School District.

It was created last year when coordinators of the camp researched places throughout the state that offered both fun and educational field trips for kids.

The camp also offers on-site events every Monday at Kyrene Aprende and Centennial middle schools.

The Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott and Biosphere 2 in Tucson were among the places visited by campers this summer.

Children also gave input on where and what types of field trips they would want to go.

Program specialist Dannon DiGangi said many of the students enjoy Kyrene Adventure Tours’ numerous hands-on activities.

“We’re an extension of the school year program, so we like to mix fun with education. We take them all around Arizona to experience what there is in the community,” she said. “Hands-on activities are something they really like because they don’t really get that opportunity when they’re in school. They get to go out and physically experience it.”

Program specialist Colton Hernandez said students enjoyed the excursion to Rainbow Trout Farm in Sedona because many of the campers had never fished before.

During the trout farm tour, students learned how to properly fish and were able to cook and eat what they caught.

“It is learning-based, but it’s also fun. They’re learning, but they don’t realize because they’re having so much fun,” Hernandez said. “After each field trip, we rate them to see if they want to go back next year … we take their opinion on where they want to go.”

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