The chief of the Phoenix Police Department is working to get the word out to the public that the city of Phoenix’s crime reduction plan for 2013 requires a shared responsibility between residents and officers.

Chief Daniel Garcia outlined just a portion of his crime reduction plan during a City Council Policy Meeting on Tuesday. His main message was for officers to “Focus on Five” and for residents to “Key on Three.”

The five areas patrol officers should focus on are people, those who may be suspects in crimes; places, that may be used for crime; behaviors; high priority enforcement locations, locations where crime may be happening; and high priority offensive locations, where a high priority crime may have occurred so that officers can understand what they may have missed. Garcia said he wants the public to key in on three of those areas: people, places and behaviors.

Officers on patrol are being asked to take a more proactive approach to policing. Garcia said he’ll be asking each officer to have a plan for the day, the next 30 days, and the year. The plan calls for a campaign to get the community involved in reaching out to the police department to keep their neighborhood safe.

“If residents know their neighborhoods in these categories they can tell us when we meet with them to help us have a shared responsibility in policing,” Garcia said. “We cannot do it alone. We need to work together on a common cause.”

Garcia’s overall plan has five pillars: reinforcing the mission of policing, enhancing community policing, enhancing technological capabilities, accountability measures, and increase community confidence. All the pillars are on a foundation of policing with a purpose, which has been Garcia’s slogan since he took over the department in May of 2012.

“Whenever a police chief unveils a crime reduction plan to their community sometimes there’s a fear in the community that we’re going to start making mass arrests,” Garcia said. “I want to ensure you that that’s not what this plan is about. This plan focuses our officers. I have found that when our officers are focused on a mission and committed to that mission nothing will hold us back. The foundation of our mission is policing with a purpose … that will not change.”

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