Kyrene Superintendent Dr. David Schauer speaks during a facilities meeting between Kyrene School district and local sports organizations at Kyrene School District on Monday, May 20, 2013.

[David Jolkovski/AFN]

Kyrene School District Superintendent Dr. David Schauer and CFO Jeremy Calles met at the Dignity Health Urgent Care Community Room on Friday to update the public on what has been going on at the district during summer break.

Some of the items addressed were the clean-up status of some Kyrene schools after the recent micro burst and different summer programs in place to keep students active during the break.

About eight Kyrene campuses saw damages to their landscape during the July monsoon.

“Our team was out there immediately clearing the debris and making sure that work on those campuses were being continued because preparation for the beginning of school is really important,” Schauer said.

He spoke on the summer programs where the kids in the community were able to get involved with summer adventure activities, music programs, and science programs.

During the summer staff at each Kyrene school was making sure the facilities were being taken care of, along with getting the schools ready for the first day.

There is 2.5 million square feet of building maintenance at the Kyrene School District, Schauer said, so when the schools aren’t filled with people during the summer the workers are able to maintain the property.

The impact of property values was also addressed during the meeting, touching base on investing in the school around the area.

“We have to make sure that people who don’t necessarily have kids in the school understand that investing in the schools is definitely a good thing for the entire community,” Schauer said.

Along with schools in the Kyrene district, having summer programs for the students, and the schools preparing for the new term, Schauer informed attendees that the district has a strong financial rating.

Calles said the district currently has the highest rating than any school district has in the state.

He added that the Kyrene School District is not trying to be the biggest in the state, but rather the best in the state. In order to do so there has to be some aspects needed to be put into place, he said.

First, Calles said they’re trying to secure their resources.

The district recently had its bond legislation passed, allowing them to issue bonds in order to maintain their facilities properly, which Calles said was a big win for them.

Calles also touched on the Nov. 5 election, which is asking voters to approve a continuation of the current 15 percent Maintenance and Operations Override.

It won’t be asking for any additional money, but for the same continued level of support so that the district can continue the same continued excellence, Calles said.

“Of our 25 schools we have 16 schools that are A rating and nine that are B,” he said.

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