Teacher Davina Baird talks with Hannah Webster and Jonathan Elias during her World History/Geography class at Horizon Honors on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

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Horizon Community Learning Center will host its A Day in the Life event on Wednesday, Aug. 13, for parents of kindergartners through sixth-graders to witness what the school has to offer their child academically.

During the event, each parent is given their child’s class schedule and has the opportunity to visit their child’s classroom.

Parents visit classrooms for 20 minutes where they can speak with teachers about homework, classroom activities and the curriculum for the year.

Fifth- and sixth-grade teacher Suzie Davis said the event assists parents who have additional questions about their child’s education and was a way for them to experience a Horizon classroom firsthand.

“In fifth and sixth grade, we present the fluency activities we might do in math or humanities,” she said. “Many times, parents get to be involved with hands-on activities.”

Parents also learn Horizon’s school lingo such a “sprint,” which is a fluency warmup for a specific math skill, Davis said.

“We just started this a couple of years ago, and we’ve always had a great turnout from parents,” she said. “We hold it the night before we have our first Individual Learning Plan conferences and it gives us an opportunity to answer some general questions the parents may have so that during the ILP conferences, we’re able to focus on the student’s individual needs.”

Laura Wanstreet, elementary school principal at Horizon, said A Day in the Life also gave new families at Horizon a glimpse of what to expect from the school’s community.

“Meet the Teacher is really geared toward the students, and A Day in the Life is geared toward the parents and is a parent informational event,” she said. “When a student goes home and explains what they did in math and science, the parent can now speak directly to that with their child.”

A Day in the Life is open for kindergarten through sixth-grade families and will run from 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday.

For additional information about A Day in the Life or about Horizon, visit www.horizonclc.org.

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