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Starting in July Phoenix residents will have more options for how to get rid of waste that could help save money and the environment.

The city set a goal to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill and increase the city’s diversion rate to 40 percent by 2020. To do that the city is launching a new Green Organics Curbside Collection Program.

Residents will have the choice to request a green organics bin from the city for tree and grass trimmings and other green organic materials. The new green bins will be collected curbside along with the blue recycle bin and the black trash bin. The extra bin will cost an additional $5 per month for homeowners that request to have one.

The program will launch July 7.

“I’m glad this day is finally here and we are finally moving forward with this very important program,” said Mayor Greg Stanton during the May 28 City Council meeting. “We had adopted some very ambitious goals… we want to get a lot more out of landfills and into recycling and take advantage of green organics, which the city can actually make some money off of because there’s a market for that. This is both good for the environment, good government, good efficiency.”

Other cities have had a green organics program for years so Phoenix is following the model other Valley cities have set.

The city also plans to offer residents the choice of a medium-sized, 60-gallon container at a reduced monthly cost of $23.80. Ninety-gallon and 300-gallon containers will be $26.80 per month.

An on-call bulk trash program will be launched in January of 2015. The program will enable residents to request one bulk trash collection each quarter.

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